2016-2017 TIA Fantasy Football League (Yahoo)

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    GABRIEL Active Member

    Hello to EVERYONE!

    It's that time of year again... yes Fantasy Football. Moo has decided NOT to run our league this year. We want to thank Moo for an outstanding job he had done throughout the years as the commissioner of our league and he will be missed. So a couple of us veteran players from our FFB league were wondering if any of the people who had been playing in the past would like to participate for the 2016 season? We are also always looking for NEW blood as well.

    Depending how many people would like to participate, would determine if we continue with FFB or hang it up for good!

    We would need 8 people minimum but 10 or 12 would be best.

    IF we get enough people who would want to play in this years league, we would then determine who the commissioner would be.

    The TIA FFB league is currently FREE... no actual payouts... only bragging rights at the end of the season (but if we get enough people who would want to change this? We'll have to chitty chat about that.

    OK.... SOOO.... how many people would like to join our yearly FFB league? You can also comment on our FB page as well.

    Thanks and hopefully we can have a great turnout for this 2016 season!!

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    GABRIEL Active Member

    hmmm... Ok doesn't look like there's a whole lot of people on the TIA roster anymore and it seems no one wants to do this years TIA FFB League.... but that's ok.

    I have started my own Yahoo FFB League. IF interested PM me on Facebook (along with an email address) and I'll send you a link to join. Our draft is Sept 4th 815PM

    This year it's a FREE League... basically it's what we had done with the TIA League BUT I have given the Def/D some extra area's to receive additional points (nothing to crazy)
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    FFB isn't my thing, but I would think some of the participants from prior years would want to do it again. If I find anyone interested, I will send them your way.

    GABRIEL Active Member

    Thanks Pro but Moo was correct by not doing a TIA FFB League this year! Not only did I post here on the website but I also posted on our Facebook page if anyone wanted to participate in this years TIA FFB League. Not one response! Sooo... heck with it bro. I went ahead and started my own private league. Not a large group but enough to work out the kinks for next years league participants. So far it seems to be a no brainer to run a league. Heck might even start up a couple leagues next year...lol
    IF you should happen to chat with any of the old crew, tell them look me up for next years season! thnx

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