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  1. Daemac

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    Just wandering through since I saw the guild was still around looking for raiding bodies. I haven't played WoW since the first tier of raiding with Cataclysm and was toying around with maybe giving it a month or two but I see alot has changed.

    If I hated Cataclysm at the start, will I hate this xpac too and how much has it changed?

    If you guys have forgotten who I am, I was your friendly DK in WotLK.
  2. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    I guess it depends on what you hated in Cataclysm. There have been a lot of little changes. In general, each xpac is a slight improvement overall, but there are always changes I like and changes I don't like so much.
  3. Daemac

    Daemac Guest

    Things I didn't like about Cataclysm:
    1)Raids were very unforgiving(at least first tier). If someone screwed up, it was very hard to recover.
    2) Itemization was terrible(at least for the shadow priest) and it didn't help with all the monkeying around they did with stats particularly with the nerf bat to mana regen. 3) Heroics were flat out overtuned and pretty much forced you to do guild only for the most part since pugs were terrible to run.

    I will say that maybe because I left before Firelands that maybe it changed or people outgeared stuff enough to counterbalance some of those issues.

    I hear that they have changed some of that but the information I have seen regarding gearing up makes it sound like they made a worse gear grind or maybe I am getting confused with the daily grind. I think the raids are still tough but at least you can gear up for it quicker with easier 5 man heroics and the LFR pinata. I haven't even looked at the crafting for MoP since I can't remember what my SP has for professions.

    I also don't which classes are good this expansion, but I assume from the little I have read that SP is fine, while rogues and maybe paladins are bad. I haven't even looked into how DKs or hunters are fairing, lol. I do know that I have to move whatever toon I am playing if I resub to another server but I want to make sure that I don't take a terrible class.
  4. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    I guess I'll start with the bad news: Raids (except for LFR) are still fairly unforgiving. I'm not sure that has changed much. There is also a pretty large/long rep grind with dailies if you want to get rep gear. That's the bad.

    However, most other things are easier: Heroic 5-mans are notably easier and can be done with only quest gear + a few (easily) crafted pvp items pretty much the moment you hit 90. You don't need to do any rep grind to get gear for heroics. They got rid of the idea of "normal" level 90 dungeons, so heroic 5 mans are essentially level 90 versions of dungeons. Also, skilling up crafting is mostly a lot easier than in cata. I think you do need to run some heroics or get rep gear to do LFR, but it really isn't that bad. I think most people don't find it too steep.

    There are also these new things called "scenarios". These are a kind of 3 man thing, often with NPCs helping. You do not need to have a tank or healer to do them... or anything really. Three random players can do them -- that's what their intent is.

    I'm not entirely sure on itemization, and the big problem is usually there are items you can use... but they just don't drop for you! However, there are so many good items you can get via a combination of rep and valor points if you're patient. You get valor points from all heroic 5 mans, scenarios, and LFR, limited to 1000 valor points per week. Most items are 1250 to 2200 valor points, so it's not like you can rapidly get all you want via that route, but the items are the same item level as what you get in normal raids (a bit better than LFR).

    Quest lines are pretty good, so leveling to 90 (on one toon at least) was alright. I've not considered leveling a second toon just yet, though.

    Overall, I think it's better than cata, but there are always things I wish were a bit different. I sort of wish they didn't have quite so many dailies we could do, but I know they want us to spend a fair amount of time before getting stuff. I can still wish, can't I?
  5. Daemac

    Daemac Guest

    Thanks for all that information Prom. I appreciate you typing all of that since its hard to figure out what exactly they have fixed from the official forum QQing. Most of the improvements sound good.

    Last questions:
    1) Need an extra casual, maybe fill in raider if I ever get around to being geared for that
    2) Which class would be best - Priest, DK, Rogue, Hunter, Pally
    3) If yes to those, can I get a Scroll of Resurrection from someone so I can free transfer a toon before I try to find a cheap xpac copy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

    I am not going to lie, I am looking for a 2nd game to play with for a few months since the group I am playing with in EVE online is in a lull atm. I am probably not going to be a hardcore raider since I have a new job that is at best a 40 hour work week and often over. I do want people to chat with and run daily/heroics/whatever with since like I am pretty much alone half the time in EVE until the holidays or summer.
  6. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    I don't really know about the Scroll of Resurrection. I don't have one, I know.

    For raiding, we have a fairly serious raid group, so it might be hard to get a spot. Currently we raid 3 nights a week, from 7-10 server. Of the classes you mentioned, hunter is probably the one we have the fewest of.

    The guild is active, and there are generally people around to chat with and run dailies, heroics, or whatever. There are many guild members who do not raid regularly, have other things going on in their lives, etc. That's all good.
  7. Daemac

    Daemac Guest


    I am pretty sure you or someone in guild should be able to send one. I am hoping someone can figure it out, so I can save some dollars with a single toon character transfer for free.

    I am basically looking for people to play with, so raiding isn't a top priority since I always have LFR to do it. I am not sure I can play a hunter full time, although I got one to 85 before the SP. I guess I can see what they did with them, but I found that class to be a royal PITA to play. I will probably drag the priest over and then level alts if I play that much.
  8. Deadikin

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    A big change in mop is the new talent system. I myself actually like it because you can bring tomes in raids and adjust your spec per boss which is a good thing.

    The LFR in mop has changed a bit. To get in higher lfr's you need a high item level. Which will take some time to get. But, lfr on some fights are easy some are tough like garalon which requires prior communication but he is being nerfed to hell. The loot table in lfr is completely different big change here. When you kill a boss there is no loot drop just a hidden roll on your current spec to see if you won something. This is good and bad but, no longer can people just need on everything in lfr but, sometimes you have bad RNG and get only 28gold. They have added coins you can turn in for 3 gold coins a week this is for a bonus roll on a raid boss fight. So lets say you do not win anything you can use your gold coin and maybe get something from this boss. The coin does not guarantee that you will get something though.

    Raids I feel are not forgiving at all. They are tough on normal and you can fail. Which I think the difficulty feels about right on the 1st raid MV. I think if you do screw up in some fights it is possible to do it but, They made them challenging. I enjoy raids in wow and I look forward to progression towards later raids and maybe heroic. Just focus on the regular heroic dungeons to get geared for raids and you will be good to go. I think our raids always need a backup so if you are level 90 and want to fill in I'm sure you can do it.

    Rep grinds are a pain in mists because shado-pan and august celestials are gated behind the golden lotus rep which you can only work on when you are level 90. Golden lotus takes a long time to get to revered this was a suck fest and took a long time. Hopefully for you when you do this it will reward more rep then the current version. The tillers faction is cool though a new way to do cooking and food you have your own farm and can plant you own crops kind of a lil farmville. Biggest problem with rep grinds is that valor gear is tied to having a certain rep with a faction for you to buy it with your valor points. They do not have tabards for rep anymore.

    The addition of the pet battle system which isn't to bad it lets you level up your non-combat pets for like pokemon kind of fighting. I thought at first this would be dumb but, wasn't bad and kind of was fun exploring and looking for different pets with different abilities.

    Professions are easy to level and not to bad stocking up on mats.

    Well if you want to level up something the guild doesn't have many of a hunter would be good another pally would be good to probably holy or maybe a tank. We have way to many priests so you might not get a spot if you leveled one of those. We have a couple rogues so same situation as priests. Dk's might be a good choice to level up to but, I kind of feel it's better for a ranged in this expansion. But, in the end level up what you want to play and what you have fun with.

    I play my mage the most Deadikin (fire/frost), Then my druid joekin(resto/boomkin) and my rogue deadican(which is benched because I'm not feeling it with my rogue.)

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask.
  9. Daemac

    Daemac Guest

    Thanks for all of that. That is alot of useful information.

    I can feel your pain with the rogue since that was my main for vanilla and TBC. I did play him in Wrath as a 2nd toon but totally gave up on him in Cata since they were bad and still look bad(at least for combat). I could give the huntard a try since he is 85 but I wasn't so great at him but I never really tried to play him too much in dungeons since I couldn't figure out the priority/rotation. I see Van is still around, so maybe he could tell me how to play one correctly.

    The thing that worries me with trying to play with him is this: http://wow.joystiq.com/tag/mop-dps/
    I am not sure how the buffs in 5.1 will fix this, but I think there is a good reason you don't see many hunters.

    I do have a Pally and a DK at 80 but I hated the Cata changes to Pally tanking so I haven't touched him. The DK might be fun again and I know Kuren is a pro DK so he can fix me if I am very rusty.

    I guess I am shelving the priest for sure, so its between the huntard and the DK.

    I don't look forward to that rep grind.

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