My new favorite WOW song.

Discussion in 'Public Discussion' started by Stephanie Love, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Stephanie Love

    Stephanie Love WoW Officer Staff Member

    This will be going through my head every time one of you die ;)

  2. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    Too bad she didn't do it a cappella, or I'd remix it. :) Her voice is pretty good, but the mix is messy. The instruments and background vocals clash with the vocals so that it's hard to make anything out.

    Yeah, yeah -- I'm picky that way. Deal with it. :p
  3. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    So I decided to remaster the audio anyhow. :)

    I don't have good tools for video editing, and running it through Windows Live Movie Maker made both the video and audio worse, so I'm just attaching the audio since it's in a fairly high quality format. Feel free to splice it to video if you'd like.

    Mostly I toned down the vocals about a bit, so they are not quite so grating and harsh sounding when she's too loud, pulled up the mid-lows and highs to bring out the guitar a bit more, threw in some asymmetric delay and a little reverb for some depth. I might have overdone the reverb (I'm not a big fan a reverb), but that is partly a matter of taste. A lot of people tend to like it.

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  4. Vonn

    Vonn Member

    lol that song is awesome. I saw this one and it made me think of EVERY LFR I have ever been in.
  5. Stephanie Love

    Stephanie Love WoW Officer Staff Member

    Love that one.

    Same as the first one, but someone made a video for it
  6. Prometheus

    Prometheus Administrator Staff Member

    I have definitely seen more variance with the tanks this xpac. Some of them do go down instantly no matter what you do healing-wise. Others, I can go afk and they're fine.

    That bad ones will blame healing, of course. :rolleyes: But that works out ok for me, since it gives me an excuse to leave. "Yeah, sorry I suck so much. Goodbye and good luck." :sneaky:

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