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    ok gang... how do I go about doing a PM to someone thats on the members list... WITHOUT EVERYONE SEEING IT? LOL

    I've looked on certain peeps message board and I can see messages that were directed to them. Are those the PM's? I hope not

    *I've fallen and I can't get up* ;) HELP
  2. Prometheus

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    PM's are called "Conversations", and there are a few ways to start a new one:
    1. If you click on someone's name or avatar on a forum post (go ahead -- try it), you get a little popup about the person. In the middle of that popup you'll see "Start a Conversation". Click on that, and you're a go.
    2. From the member list, if you click on name/avatar, you get a more detailed page about the person with multiple tabs. Click on the "Information" tab, and then you'll see a "Start a Conversation" link on the bottom of the page there too. Click that.
    3. On the upper left portion of the screen when you're logged in you'll see your own name and then an "Inbox" link. From there you can "Start a New Conversation" (link is on the bottom, right) with one or more than one participants. The downside is you have to type in their names, but you can start up a private conversation with multiple people involved this way.

    GABRIEL Active Member

    Excellent! thnx

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